Suffolk wedding photographer

-  Y o u  - 

You're engaged? Congratulations!

You've met your ideal partner, you're both happy busy people planning to show the world you're a team - you're both pretty smart, well traveled, you sometimes dance in the kitchen and you're full of good ideas for the big day, but you've maybe never hired a professional photographer, so that feels a bit weird right? 

You're serious about getting great photographs of a once in a lifetime day. You'd like photographers on your team who'll listen, understand what makes you two special, work with you both to catch moments forever. Someone who doesn't get in the way but confidently steps up to provide direction when required, and for your guests and special people to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.



-  U s  -

Hello - we're Neil and Lisa.

In short, we love weddings. We love story telling, moments and taking 'POW' pictures.  We're great at being invisible at weddings but we'll also stand on wobbly ladders, hang off speeding golf carts one handed and lay in the middle of crowded dance floors to get you something that'll make your heart and eyes smile. Just make sure there's tea available, we're even better with tea!

We live in Suffolk with our two cats Mousy and Mao. We met when Lisa saw Neil's pictures online, then fell in love with each others photo's. Romance blossomed and together, we began Him & Her.

If you'd like to, you can read more about us here.