The wedding industry awards 2016 - Our awkward debut...

What are the Wedding Industry awards? And why 'awkward'?

Well, the wedding industry awards are as close as the wedding industry gets to an Oscar or a kite-mark really. Every type of supplier from cake makers to florist enter and are judged on a regional and national basis. Photographers too!

Why awkward? Well because entering competitions isn't really our thing, knowing each of our couples is happy with their pictures and has left us a Google review is usually enough - those make us smile! Perhaps it feels a bit like showing off to put yourself up for a competition?

Anyway, this is different since one of our couples has nominated us (thanks Jeni and Andy) and a brilliant recent couple Claudia and Liam also suggested it, so we thought hey, why not? It's YOU GUYS who'll need to vote for us if we're to do well. No pressure then! Last year 30,000 couples nominated or voted for their wedding suppliers, so we thought that pretty impressive.

OK, so, if you were a client couple anytime after November 1st 2014, please do help support us and share your thoughts on how it was working with H&H for your big day. The link to the awards website is here.

So please, if you've some time, do vote for us, it could really help us continue to do what we love.