April showers and an Ark in the Lark valley.

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

April showers often go too far, and this year was no exception as we joined our clients Beccie and Will in a cute little Church in the Lark valley. We'd met up the night before with the couple, many of their family and friends and their Reverend for the rehearsal, it rained and rained!

Of course what really counts for a wedding, isn't the weather, it's about the people and atmosphere, these people created probably the best atmosphere in a Church we've ever experienced with lots of smiles and laughs, beautiful music and every pew packed with positive people, it really was beautiful! We also had the arrival of about a thousand ladybirds to keep us company, and as the reverend said, it really did feel like an Ark.

Anyway, all that positivity deserves a great outcome, and sure enough as we began our portrait session with Beccie and Will, the sun came out and stayed for the rest of the day.