There must be a good reason?

We'd discussed this several times after meetings with clients, and especially after attending and photographing a wedding day; We seem to have the nicest clients.

Really, it's true. It's probably good PR and business sense to say this anyway, but genuinely we always come away from an interaction with clients, new, booked or after the big day on a massive high. As it's something that happens often we discussed it several times as and came to a couple of conclusions.

1. Our website gives a good idea of who we are and what we do, perhaps also what our services cost and provide. It appeals to couples who value our enthusiasm and attention to detail, those who want a stylish and personal view of their special day. If it doesn't appeal to some couples, they won't contact us.

2. Our email and telephone contacts with clients are as straightforward as possible, so it's easy and not awkward to understand the process of choosing us (or not)

3. We make a big effort to meet each new client face to face in a relaxed setting, by the time we finish that meeting everyone has a good idea about whether we get on well and that we're focused on working enthusiastically and hard for our clients.

4. Clients tend to choose us first on recommendation, and then on our photographic style and personalities, once all these are clear there's a real 'team' feeling and everyone is looking forward to getting the best from the big day.

So, maybe that's it, we make clear what it is we do and who we are, and our clients appreciate and value that, its a great combination.