How to leave us a Google plus review - Step by step

How to leave a Google review for Him and Her Wedding Photography

(If you do or don’t already have an account)

Leaving us a review on Google is probably the most helpful thing you can do to say ‘thank you’, a Google review helps us get seen by other couples looking for wedding photographers and because it’s done through a system Google can authenticate, there’s none of this ‘false review’ malarkey that plagues the internet these days.  If you’re about to work through this short process for us, we need to say ‘thank you’ too. Thank you!

1. Click on this link:,3, 

2. Click 'sign in' This takes you to the sign in page. If you’ve got a Google+ account (or gmail) just login and you’ll go to the review page (Jump to step 6). If you don’t have a Google+ account, click on the grey “Create an Account” button next please. 

3.   Fill in the boxes shown. Choose yourself a username and password; these will get you into Google+ again, maybe make a note on a piece of paper so you don’t forget!

4.   Complete the word verification (to prove you’re not a robot) and click the ‘Agree to Google Terms of Services’ box.

5.   Click 'continue'. 

6. You will now be in a window to leave us a google plus review! Choose a star rating, describe your experience and click 'post'. 

Thankyou... Again :P