Lindsey and Cesar!

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

Lindsey and Cesar are a warm and friendly couple who'd planned their wedding to be relaxed and comfortable for all ages within their extended family. At one point, the wonderfully modest Lindsey even asked if we'd maybe be a little bored that they'd made such simple plans for their day. Of course we didn't think so then, and we don't now. Here's why -

Weddings can have great weather or dreadful downpours, spectacular venues or simple back gardens, and not one of these is as important as firstly, the couples approach to the day, and secondly, their family and friends assistance to make it all work. For Lindsey and Cesar they'd set out to make everything easygoing and enjoyable first, sure there were lots of thoughtful elements and hard work going on for the preparations, but makingthe day comfortable and fun seemed priority number one. That paid off really well. As for family and friends, there were folk from Colombia, Scotland and more locally, all determined to do their bit to make for a happy day. Between them they created an atmosphere where we could really see two families becoming one before our eyes. It's not so common and we found it really touching and humbling. Marriage means different things to different people, there are romantic, religious and legal associations, but our favourite is about sharing, and we're sure this lovely couple will enjoy sharing their marriage and family for many, many years to come!