Almost forgot...

What with rehearsals and wedding days and editing into the night we almost forgot we'd made a trip up to see family just recently in Scotland. The weather wasn't kind, in fact we woke to a frost in August, but the landscapes were staggering. Landscapes always feel odd to us without a couple or a person featured, so it was a bit of a challenge for us to shoot just pure landscape. That said, if it's going to work anywhere, Scotland's the place. I got a 'volcanic' feeling Glencoe (which looks tiny here but is a composite of 12 different scenes blended together, it's about 5 feet wide full size)

A brooding Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland - Aug 2014

Lisa took a different view of the same area, and got her picture shown on Vogue Italia's website :)

Lisa's shot of Glencoe - shown In Vogue Italia online

We were also lucky to stalk and photograph Red Deer above 2000 feet on the mountains and to see a young Golden Eagle soaring, hundreds of seals and jellyfish like colourful dustbin lids. Scotland's a special place, we have our  fingers crossed we'll get a booking amongst all that wonderful scenery.

Find out more about Glencoe here