Most tear - jerking wedding photographs

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Today, compiled a list of '29 totally tear-jerking wedding photographs', which included three of our photos... yes, THREE :O We are so flattered when anyone decides they love our photographs, either enough to blog them, or enough to book us. We have a little dance on the kitchen tiles every time, with a cat each (the cats don't think much to dancing).

You can read their article here: 29 totally tear-jerking wedding photographs

Here are the three photographs, and what hitched had to say about them

"We defy you not to feel tears springing up as you look at this gorgeous picture. You can’t even see the bride, but you know just from the expression on her groom’s face as he looks over his shoulder towards her that she looks totally radiant. You can see the pride and emotion in his face – stunning."

"What were we just saying about first look photos? Look how taken aback this mother of the bride is? Her eyes are full of tears and so are ours. We love the look of pride in the bridesmaid’s face too."

"There’s a lot going on in this photo of a bride walking down the aisle towards her groom, but all we can focus on is her facial expression. Look at all that emotion and how she is fighting to hold back the tears… we can only imagine the look on her groom’s face!"

We've done a bit of an early blog post this week, as we're setting off on a three day wedding at Somerleyton Hall! We can't wait to capture and share more moments like these :)