Meet Him&Her - The film!

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

Blogging about vlogging...

Vlogging? It just doesn't sound right does it? Anyway, we had some fun a couple of weeks back, working on an idea we'd had to make a video to introduce ourselves to potential clients, to give an idea of who we are and what Him&Her means to us.

The other side of the camera.

It was actually really interesting for us to be the other side of the camera for a change, we tend not to appear in many pictures and even less often as a couple, so it was helpful to feel perhaps a little as our clients do when we're making pictures of them! Overall, we thought it was fun and it reinforced for us that feeling involved and having fun is essential. We worked with a good friend Sarah Kathleen Page, who's videos have a light friendly feel and we sketched out a few ideas, planning to 'wing it' on the day, plus record some answers to questions we'd been asked, hopefully to make sure we cover those important points clients raise.

The weather was rubbish (so that's not surprising) and we drifted about our local area grabbing footage for a few hours before heading home to be greeted and accompanied down the street by our cats chairman Mao and Mousey tongue before having tea and letting Sarah get away to begin editing. Do have a look, we hope you like it.