A brilliant solution to styling your reception...

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

Today we discovered a really brilliant website! http://www.styleboxe.co.uk/ They sell packages of table decorations which include centre pieces for tables, place name cards, table cards, table plans, table clothes and even cute little tea light holders! The only thing not included is the flowers :) 

Styleboxe take all of the hard work out, you pick the style, tell them how many tables, the names of the tables and they post it all out to you in a neat little box. They cheapest option is £150 for 4 tables and the most expensive box is £600 for 10 tables (they can cater for more tables on request). We can't imagine how much time, money and effort this would normally take, so we did some research... 

We've taken a styleboxe and tried to find exact replicas of the pieces included on the internet to do a direct price comparison. 

Here is one of our favourites, the country bloom box, priced at £600 for 10 tables. 

Bursting with colours and a world of prettiness…Our county theme represents everything beautiful… Think English Gardens… Think pretty blooms flowing in the wind on a hot summers day.Just stunning! Perfect for any outdoor wedding!
— www.styleboxe.co.uk
Country blooms box from styleboxe.co.uk

We tried our best to scout the internet for similar looking items (we must admit, it was hard work to do!) to that included in the box shown above, here's what we found and the price for the same amount of items... 

Name cards. £1.25 each x 100 = £125

Table name cards. £1.76 each x 10 = £17.60

Milk churn center pieces. £10 each x 10 = £100

Wood slice center pieces. £23 each x 10 - £230

Etched glass tealight holders. £4.20 each x 20 = £84

Large tealight holders. £11.50 each x 10 = £115

Silver plant pots. £2.19 each x 10 (plus £3 postage) = £24.90

Total = £695.50

If bought with styleboxe instead, thats a saving of £95.50. They have a variety of boxes to suit all weddings, tastes and also lifestyles... who really has the time for all that effort?