Why I love this wedding photograph.


Me and Neil started photographing weddings together four wedding seasons back. When we started, it was very clear we balanced each other out. I was organised and great at running things behind the scenes whilst he was great at front of house. He's outgoing and I'm a bit of a wallflower. He would crowd manage the formals whilst I dodged about taking pictures of guests. Whilst some of that is still true, we've kind of grown into each other over the years (as most couples do!). Neil is much better at knowing what we're doing one week to the next, and I've grown a pair of lungs and found my voice!

If you had asked me when I started, what my ideal wedding coverage would look like I would have cautiously said, no formals, be as unobtrusive as possible, just take photos and not talk to anyone. I think my camera was a little bit of a shield I stood behind at that time. Gosh, that now seems like a guilty confession! Without waffling on about myself too much, weddings have really extended my comfort zone, I've become more confident, more outgoing, and I've learnt that the huge majority of people we meet are just lovely, happy, positive people who want the best for their loved ones. The world is a pretty nice place to live.  When I got back from last Saturday's wedding I realised just how much my attitude and confidence has changed over time. I'm not sure when it happened, but thankfully, it did. Being able to make people laugh and make connections with the Bride, Groom and their guests, something I used to be scared of, is now something I look forward to.

So, in short, I love this photo because it's a reminder of how much I've grown. I also love it because the three girls in the photo (left to right: Davina, Sasha and Vicky) are awesome and I'm so pleased I managed to get a photo that does them all justice.