Why I love this wedding photograph

Why I love this photograph

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When we work with clients, we get a bit attached to them. It's no surprise really as we meet every couple before we'll book them, we want to be certain we're a good fit and a welcome addition to the 'team' for the day. We'll chat many times before the event and often keep in touch after too!

When it comes to the portrait session we want to give them something they will love but which also shows their character and their couple dynamic. When I look at this picture, it makes me smile because I see them clearly; Darren laughing and holding Chathuri's hand and Chathuri looking radiant with a smile that could light up any room. I love how their kind and friendly look because that is exactly who they are, you couldn't find two more lovely people if you tried and working for them back in February was an absolute joy. Mission accomplished!

Sometimes it's almost easier to create a grand picture , with a silhouetted couple, or to pose the couple kissing, and we've a good record of making that happen. What's harder to achieve is to have a couple looking and feeling natural and comfortable at the same time.   Neil and I strive for the natural pictures too - the ones where we make you laugh, or you make each other laugh, a moment where the Groom is caught looking at the Bride whilst she's smiling. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to bring out these moments to create something natural and beautiful, but the most important thing is for the couple to feel comfortable and enjoy being with us - it always makes for a great day!

How I shot this photograph

This shot was fairly straight forward technically, I had the backdrop of the beautiful Hengrave Hall and nice soft overcast light ( and just look at that beautiful dress!) I just needed to make sure I had them both in focus, framed well and caught them at the best possible moment. People often suggest to me that if you shoot enough frames you’ll get the best shot, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. If you shoot a lot you actually miss the best moment because you’re not looking for it. I only shot a few frames, but knew at the end I'd got the shots I wanted. Below shows more from the same set.