2018 The best of video! Suffolk and Norfolk Wedding photography

I have to confess, this blog, which we did last year and will do every year – is my favourite. Both Lisa and I always watch the ‘best of’ video with big soppy smiles and very often with me dancing about to what has become our trademark soundtrack. Some of the happiness comes from having completed the task of working through the 36 weddings we shot in the year and picking out our very favourite pictures from around 25,000 we’ve delivered to our clients. Once I’d assembled maybe 500 or so of these, we then sat together and graded them further to get just our very favourite 125 or so for the video. This year it took me two weeks overall, and I have to say, it was brilliant fun!

It might be worth adding, that our criteria for inclusion of photo’s isn’t based on anything other than how the photos make us feel – so they might not be the most difficult, or technical, just the ones we feel attached to emotionally, or at least the very best of those. Please do go full screen and settle back to enjoy – we really hope they make you smile too.