Real wedding | Hengrave Hall, Suffolk. Winter wedding.

Kirsty and Jonny. A wonderful winter Hengrave wedding

From our first contact with Kirsty and Jonathan we’d looked forward to their wedding day. There was something special about the couple we felt would give great pictures, and not only were we not disappointed, we ended up pretty much overawed by the whole wedding, it was brilliant!
Kirsty and her family are local to us and the couple chose nearby Hengrave Hall, a venue we always enjoy working at, for the big day in early December. Everyone’s hopes for a bright crisp winter wedding were matched by the most beautiful warm sunshine throughout and it was wonderful to see the guests arrive at such a magnificent venue, lots of smiles all day.
Despite all this, it was the thoughtfulness and emotion of the day which really hit home for us, the couple had taken time before, and during the wedding, to really appreciate one another, their family and friends, and the warmth of the event was utterly infectious. Honestly, we both got choked up several times during the day, and again whilst editing the pictures. What an incredible way to finish our 2016 season, thank you all so much, we had a ball!

Below are some thoughts Kirsty sent us about the day. the planning and her favourite bits

T h e  V i s i o n

‘One big happy party surrounded by our favourite people. We were hopeful of bright, crisp winter weather and we were trying to recreate the snowy sparkles from our beautiful proposal weekend.’

G r o o m ‘ s  A t t i r e

‘Jonny likes snazzy colours and waistcoats so I always knew it would have to be colourful, including his taste in ties, so his had little foxes on. 

F i n d i n g  T h e  D r e s s

Kirsty went to  Just a Day in Ipswich. ‘Sharon at Just a Day was fantastic and she absolutely knew what style would suit each bride. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and you felt a valued customer. After the bridal party putting me in some horrendous dress choices, Sharon brought in her choices and after finding a style that suited me, THE dress came and it brought me to tears. At that point, I knew it was the dress for me. The dress was the absolute opposite of what I’d (and all family and friends) thought I would actually wear.’

T h e  P l a n n i n g  P r o c e s s

‘We started by looking on the internet for a timeline of what on earth was meant to happen and when. Sort all of the big stuff first, pick a date, save the dates, venue, caterer, church, vicar etc…. then have a rest for a while… then do a bit more… find a florist, makeup, hair, invitations etc then have another rest and then do some more. It’s a rollercoaster process. Couple of small arguments over guest list! We were worried about the table plan as people have said it is hard, but luckily as our family and friends all get on we sorted it in half an hour! Choosing the food was fun as we are big foodies and basically chose our favourite food and the guests had to like it or lump it! The cake tasting was soooo good, they kept sending samples to our house, 10 massive cupcakes at a time. We would always get them to arrive on a Saturday morning and then have a cake fest all weekend. The first time we forgot it was sampling and were just taking massive bites. We felt sooo sick. Jonny told me not to worry about the small details but actually people have commented on these and they do matter! Even the 120 pine cones that Mum carefully and painfully painted with glue and glitter were perfect and a part of the vision we were trying to create. The planning was stressful, and there were always things popping up you never even thought of but it was SO worth it.’

T h e  P r o p o s a l

‘Jonny surprised me with a weekend away to Iceland (I was told we were going to York!). He got all the kit for -15˚C and secretly got my ski thermals packed. Jonny hired a car a we drove around Iceland for a few days. Jonny’s plan was to propose at Gulfoss waterfall, but when on the first night we were lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights (standing in our pjs because reception had called our room to say they were happening) he ran back inside to get the ring and proposed under the stunning phenomenon.’

F a v o u r i t e  P h o t o

‘This is our favourite photo because we both look so so HAPPY!’

T h e  V e n u e

Hengrave Hall is absolutely stunning and cosy enough to make your wedding not feel too small but feel intimate and charming. I was also lucky to already know Hannah Bibby (Event Director) through friends so have known of Hengrave for many years and followed it on Facebook to support her work. It was a no brainer when we got engaged to at least go and have a look as it was so close to my parents and we fell in love straight away. We were also pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced Hengrave was considering the beautiful venue!’

M e m o r a b l e  M o m e n t s

‘Seeing each other for the first time down the aisle will be a moment we never forget. Along with spending time with elderly relatives as those moments are to be treasured and both of our families together and having fun. Other memorable moments include; being stung by wasp, and much later being lifted onto the shoulders of ushers on the dance floor and danced around to Kings of Leon – when Don’t Stop Believing came on everyone formed a circle around us and we were running around high fiving everyone!’

A d v i c e  F o r  O t h e r  C o u p l e s

‘Absolutely as a must (and I’m not saying this because Neil and Lisa are blogging!) get two photographers. Having two means that every details of your wedding is captured because there are two sets of eyes to spot things! Also, remember to take time to stop and breathe and appreciate the day and your new spouse. Try to take in the tiny details as it will all rush past so quickly in a blur otherwise.’

T h e  H o n e y m o o n

‘We went to LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives and it was magical. We would fully recommend the Island and the Staff. It was the best holiday EVER! We swam with Whale Sharks and did amazing snorkelling trips, beautiful sunsets and too much delicious food. All weight lost for the wedding has now been put back on. Oops! Diet will start after Christmas.’

Kirsty and Jonny’s Google Plus review said;

Neil and Lisa are FANTASTIC, FABULOUS and FUN! We could not have found better photographers to capture our big day. They have provided us with invaluable memories to look back on forever. Both offering different styles gives you two stunning perspectives of the same moment. They are fun and bring out the best in the most nervous of people in front of the camera. I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

Special credit to… for hosting and wonderful catering
to who’s work exquisite,
and for the perfect dress!

We look forward to working with you all again in 2017.