End of year blog - 2016

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

We’d both like to start by saying a huge ‘thank you’ to all the folks who made our 2016 the very best year so far. Most importantly to our couples who chose to have us on their team for the big day and to their family and friends, all sharing moments of happiness and happy tears. It’s not a schmaltzy marketing blog we’re offering here, but the most genuine and heartfelt way we can show our gratitude. You can look around our website for the ‘big pictures’ the romantic portraits we work hard to deliver and which are a part of our signature style, but in this blog we wanted to share the stuff that makes up the most important and unique view of weddings, of couples, of families. It is those smiles and happy tears, uncontrollable giggles and choked up throats; these are the wonderful individuals stories we get to record every week and which never fail to remind us what an important role we play and how very grateful and proud we are to do it too. We had the BEST time! Here’s the story.

January proved to be the busiest time for bookings, around a third of our total couples got in touch and told us all about their plans, lots of meetings, lots of travel, lots of tea drunk. Actually, if you’re a recently engaged couple reading this, don’t hang about getting in touch! It’s always nice to meet new clients, one of our favourite things other than taking pictures, and to begin to understand and recognise what makes each couple unique is a big part of our story at Him&Her.

We spent the remaining months of winter buying, testing, replacing gear and spending time learning new techniques, sometimes through studying learning resources but mostly through hands on experiments, revising and adapting etc. It’s the endless hours of stuff nobody really sees, but which ensures we keep learning and stay fresh creatively. Sure, it’s lovely to appear spontaneous and full of new ideas, and we pretty much are like that, but practice never hurts, and always improves your chances of ‘nailing’ those shots that appear and then disappear in fraction of a second.

April kicked off with torrential rain and found us in a tiny church in the Lark valley outside Bury St Edmunds, where the family and friends of Becky and Will braved the impossible mud and a swarm of recently awoken ladybirds to attend one of the happiest church services we’d ever seen. Next we shot for Chris and Vicky at the Barrandov Opera, Needham Market – we both felt a little pressure since Chris is a brilliant professional photographer himself – and after an incredibly happy and emotional day we were chuffed to bits to deliver the pictures and have Chris say...

"Blimey... You've smashed it over the crowd and out of the park guys.

We're just turning in after a long evening's viewing and will be sending a proper e-mail shortly but in the meantime, thank you ever so much.

You killed it. You killed it gooooood"


It’s difficult to put into words just how good that feels, not only for us to fulfil our promise, but for a couple to have such joy at the record of their day.

May found us making Bridal portraits in the loft at Glemham hall and organising an entire wedding party into a tug-of-war shot in deepest Essex before the season really kicked in during June and July in marquee’s, garden party, grand country houses, ancient barns, village halls and sometimes just in clients parents back gardens. Honestly, we don’t have a favourite location – it really is all about the people and atmosphere – that’s what makes great pictures and days out.

In August we were with Zoe and Tim, two people we admire and like (quite apart from being great clients) and who’d sold up everything to travel, get married and start life as writers. Actually Zoë&Tim, and a few of our clients this year have been a real inspiration to us to follow our dreams, even when things get tough, special thanks to you all! You’ll know who you are. We saw our first ‘live’ proposal during a wedding, and subsequently were contacted by the happy couple, who’s wedding we are now shooting in 2018! We travelled a lot through August and September, with every weekend feeling like a little adventure, from the best of Suffolk and Norfolk locations all the way down to Kent. Special mention to our trusty cool box, flask, and air con for making all this much easier since 2016 really did have a decent summer, we have the pictures to prove it too.

September was still busy and shows the variety of client couples we work for, Nurses and Doctors and Chefs and TV producers, small business owners and architects, and very often Teachers. All people with an interesting story, all with a real passion for what they do. We hope that’s somehow significant?

October we’d left ‘free’ thinking it’d be a good time for us to grab some rest and recuperation. As it turned out we recognised we’d been working two full time jobs and pretty much full time wedding photography for well over 18 months, and the last year had been 60-70 hour weeks every week; So we drove to Neil’s parents way up in the far North of Scotland and enjoyed good food, great scenery and some very big sleeps! On the way home we visited the summit of Cairngorm Mountain besides Aviemore and whilst having tea and a cake, witnessed a surprise proposal of a couple outside the window. Of course we gave them a free engagement shot or two for their wall whilst we were there!

November traditionally is a little quieter for weddings but we shot a beautiful day in the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds, an original Regency theatre, and our third day at Hengrave Hall this year, where the winter sunshine made perhaps its best appearance of the season for Jonny and Kirsty. November closed with us receiving our second regional finalist appearance with ‘The wedding industry awards’ having received wonderful feedback from 100% of the previous year’s clients... again, thank you all!

So, the big news after all that, is that we are now full time wedding photographers. It took us three years hard work to get here, and we really feel the need to thank every one of our couples who’d shown their trust and faith in us as we worked towards this point. Wedding photography isn’t like selling double glazing or iced buns it’s about personalities and personal tastes and trust. Every one of our clients has decided at some point that they trust us, like what we do, and want us to be around on their wedding day. In doing so they’ve all helped us to progress to where we dreamed we’d be one day – both full-time doing what we love. Thank you

Him & Her Wedding Photography

We’re Neil & Lisa and we LOVE weddings; the activity, the settings and the people who come together for a special day. As a couple we’re able to offer our own perspectives on the wedding, with a feel for the Bride and Grooms roles and to ensure that we’re always in the right place to catch the big moments (we don’t spoil your day by feeling ‘in the way’.)  For us, being a part of your special day, catching the emotions and happiness gives us both real satisfaction and we think this shines through in our images.

We hope you enjoy our site and can find the things you need to make a decision about your photographers for the wedding day. If there's something you don't see or do need to talk about please do get in contact either by telephone or by using our enquiry form (both) on the contact page. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.