2014 Average wedding costs...let's talk money!

How much does a 2014 UK wedding cost?

We keep an eye on all the wedding publications and few are as useful and accurate as 'Brides' magazine. Last week saw the magazine discuss average prices for a UK based 2014 wedding, it makes for interesting reading. Getting right to the conclusion here, it's £24,716.

Some of the figures don't come as a surprise, you'd expect to spend more money on a great honeymoon and reception venue, these two are the big hitters financially, but there were a few surprises for us in reading through; for instance, the average engagement ring costs nearly £2.4K they say...that's quite a rock! Romance isn't dead then, and to continue with the surprises, 'stationery' costs are listed at £240, which must mean there are some very fancy invitations being sent out?

And how much for the photographer?

Of course, we were interested to see this, in our first year in the business it's important for us to know what's going on in the market and to make ourselves not only a reliable creative choice, but competitive with our peers. Well, it turns out the average price in 2014 is £1399. Reviewing our own pricing structure, that puts our Platinum package right on the average price, with three price points costing less available. It's a happy situation, more so maybe since there are two of us, so we're adding value and creative opportunities there also.

Why your wedding photographer investment is worthwhile?

If we take the honeymoon out of the picture for a moment, everything listed in the article will be in place on the big day, just one day in a lifetime with so much planning and effort involved. You'll have a great time, and share all this with your family and friends, but what happens after the event? Hopefully, you'll have taken some time to engage a wedding photographer who's style you enjoy, a photographer you get along with and trust, and who has testimonials from other couples proving that they did all they could to capture your day in all it's glory?

When the dust settles and the honeymoon tan fades, you'll be at home looking through a beautiful set of photographs, showing just how brilliant and happy you looked, how wonderful the venue was and how much your guests and family enjoyed your day. It'll be something you go back to time and time again and as the years progress and your family will have an heirloom record of their history. It's a story of your past that'll bring smiles in the future.

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