Peacocks and fairy lights at the Barrandov Opera.

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

Every wedding has something, or several things we look forward to before starting out from home for the big day. We'll have picked up on elements of the venue, the plan for the day, and the couple's personality well before loading the car and these things set off a creative process for us both. Back when we first met this lovely couple Chris and Vicki, we'd found them great company and with a vision for an intimate, comfortable and enjoyable family day with a leaning towards real music and atmosphere. Their venue choice sounded exciting, but it wasn't until we got home and did some research we found just how quirky and extraordinary the place might be. More of that in a moment.

A primary consideration, and something that felt really special right off the bat, was that Chris, our Groom, is himself a London based professional photographer - he'd seen our work and chosen us to cover the day. We were both determined to really pull out the stops to ensure his decision had been a wise one!

Starting out with a drive to the coast on a bright sunny morning we hoped the weather would stay in our favour all day, and it did, setting off the activity and the venue in fine style as each stage unfolded with a really natural and friendly feel, this feeling made more clear by the Barrandov Opera building (and staff) which felt like an incredibly beautiful home rather than a public space. That's a pretty big deal since originally the place had been a huge wooden barn which had burned to the ground and was lovingly restored and enhanced by Carol and John Dearlove, a couple who'd lived and worked in Prague just after the Velvet revolution (luckily, that wasn't crushed...) Carol and John were music lovers on a grand scale, but developed the barn to become an intimate comfortable and acoustically superb venue for classical music, finishing the job in fine style before, sadly, Carol passed away in 2008. We were able to spend some time later in the day with John and his description of the couples efforts and hard work to create something unique was a great testament and beautiful story. Even if classical isn't normally 'your thing', this Ravel example is worth a listen.  

Chris and Vicki's day took a beautiful and romantic turn towards the musical after dinner when Chris, on Bass, Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid got up and played Joni Mitchell's 'A case of you' which as an all time favourite of Neil's, left one photographer of our pair, a bit weepy up in the mezzanine floor! It really was chokingly pretty and the closest version we can find is Diana Krall's here. So much talent and happiness in one place is why we genuinely love what we do.

More music and dancing followed and one of our favourite pictures of the day was Vicki's bouquet toss, it's a shot we love to take, and this one is amongst our favourites ever! So, overall great day, great venue, great couple and we hope you enjoy the pictures. We'll finish with Chris's email response after first viewing of the collection.


You’ve smashed it over the crowd and out of the park guys.

We’re just turning in after a long evening’s viewing and will be sending a proper e-mail shortly but in the meantime, thank you ever so much.

You killed it. You killed it gooooood :D


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