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We'd been pretty excited about covering the Wedding of Susannah and Alex since we first met them and they explained their wedding would take place in The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds. This local landmark was opened in 1819 and is pretty much unaltered to this day. The Theatre belonged to Greene King, our local brewer and handed over to The National Trust in 1975 on a 999 year lease. Greene King is where Susannah and Alex met and being big Theatre fans in such an extraordinary venue, we knew we'd have to work hard to tie in the traditional elements of wedding photography with the architecture and layout of the building. Due to the season and the Theatre itself, it was a low light photography day, supplemented by flash whilst keeping the ambience and atmosphere of this beautiful venue alive. We're really pleased with the results and so were Susannah and Alex.  

Here's what Susannah and Alex had to say about the day...

How did you both meet?
We met working at Greene King Head Office in 2009 when Alex joined the property team. We were both living with our parents at the time and their houses were quite close to each other, so we struck up a friendship of frequent after-work trips to the pub. We very quickly realised how well we got on and moved in together as housemates about 12 weeks after meeting, the rest is history!

The proposal... 

In October 2015 we went on a weeks holiday to the Lake District. I had never visited that part of the UK but Alex knew it well so he suggested it. I had very nervously agreed to climb Helvellyn with him on one of the days - About an hour into climbing he suddenly turned to me and said, “As we’re now halfway up, I’m going to do this here in case you don’t want to climb to the top.” With that he got down on one knee and proposed! My excitement propelled me on and we carried on climbing with a spring in our steps. 

As it happened, we weren’t halfway up the mountain - we were actually about 1/20 of the way up. When we eventually got to the peak we remembered that the parking ticket on the car was running out so we basically threw ourselves back down the mountain to get to it on time. In the process I broke a toe falling against a rock and then I threw up when we finally reached the bottom (in full view of a poor couple who were enjoying, what was until that point, their own romantic moment). In spite of all of that, I wouldn’t change a thing about that day :)

Finding the dress...

I was dreading wedding dress shopping with a passion I cannot accurately convey! I spend most of my time in leggings and jumpers so the thought of having to find THE dress with an audience of women watching me was the stuff of nightmares! I am happy to say that it ended up being a very fun experience and my chosen dress was the 2nd I tried on out of 4. My audience laughed, cooed and winced (yes, I learnt that day that the vision of me in a mermaid frock will cause a room full of women to wince) at all the right moments and my dreaded search took a mere two hours. Once you find the right dress you just know! 

Groom’s attire... 
I wore a fitted navy suit with gold lining from a Dapper Fox Tailors in Bury St Edmunds. When it was made for me, I hadn’t long achieved my PHD so they stitched “DR CARTER” in gold thread under the collar (well hidden i should add!) 

Memorable moments... 

Susannah: I was so nervous about walking in for the ceremony and tackling the narrow wooden steps to the stage that I kept my eyes on the floor the whole way in. Then I saw Alex up there waiting for me and forgot all about the steps! When I got to the stage he took my hand and said “You look like a poem”.

Alex, what's your favourite photo and why?  

The one of Susannah smiling at me during the ceremony with light shining through my button hole. I think it sums us up!

What was your vision for your wedding day?  

We wanted small and intimate. We were determined that we would enjoy our wedding day and most importantly, that we would remember it! Surrounding ourselves with people we loved in a cosy setting was always the way we wanted to go. 


Tell us a little bit about the planning process for your wedding... 

List making became an obsession while we were planning! A list was made for every single aspect - from major tasks like booking the registrar and finding the dress down to the little things to bring with us to the venue on the wedding day. It was so satisfying slowly ticking jobs off over the months and it felt weird deleting the lists from my phone once it was all over!

Why did you pick your venue? 
It was the only venue we wanted. We went to the Theatre to see a play for one of our first dates and loved everything about it. Getting married there seemed perfect. Also a major draw was knowing that we would have the run of a beautiful Georgian theatre for a full day, it just felt so special! And luckily for us, having a one stop indoor venue was a blessing as it rained from dawn to dusk on the day itself!

Susannah, what's your favourite photo from your wedding day and why? 

The picture of Alex and me standing in one of the boxes, I’m looking down smiling and Alex is whispering something in my ear. Lisa instructed him to say something romantic to me - but he was trying to make me laugh, so romantic is definitely not what I got! Its such a lovely picture. 

Memorable moments... 

Alex - Seeing my 90 year old Godmother having a fantastic time celebrating with us was a brilliant part of our day. 

Advice for other couples... 

It is so easy to get caught up in worry and stress, and forget what you are doing all of this for. Don’t forget to take a breath from time to time and remember that it is YOUR day and the memories will stay with you both for the rest of your lives. Don’t stress over something this wonderful - have a ball and enjoy every minute, because the day will be over before you know it!

Other suppliers:  

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