New year's resolutions

New year's resolutions

Every other year if you’d asked me if I had any new year’s resolutions, I’d say no. I’m not a new year’s resolution type of girl (Neil says he’s never a new year’s resolution type of girl ahaha). I think if you want change it has to be for a reason not because a date on a calendar said so, however, I do love a plan and having a goal. We’ve just finished our first year fully self employed in November (woohoo!) and I’ve realised you have to be pretty disciplined in every area of your life when you work from home. So this year, for the first time I’ve written out some new year’s resolutions. Some are business related, some are personal and well, some of them are a bit boring.

1. Use Instagram more
I love Instagram. Although, if you're a photographer, Instagram can be a bit of a pain because you can't upload from a desktop, it has to be done from a phone. I spent most of last year emailing myself pictures to put on Instagram until I discovered the Lightroom Instagram plugin. Here's the link if any photographers are interested: - it is life changing!

I also love Instagram because we also get to follow back our client's personal accounts. I want to be like another Bridesmaid on your wedding day, so I will be there on your Instagram cheering you on through your workouts, high-fiving you if you've met Russell Brand in person (I'm not at all jealous Che!) and adoring your cats and dogs with you.

So here is our Insta, you can follow us at @himandherweddingphotography

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2. Do more Pilates
Pilates is something I dip in and out of every now and then. I started doing it loads before our wedding in October (I'm a married woman! Woo!) and it felt amazing and I had so much more energy. I really started to notice after our wedding and over Christmas how sluggish I was feeling, so it's something I really want to keep doing 4-5 times a week. I'm a bit anti social when it comes to exercise. I know loads of people love working out with each other and going to the gym and that's great, but for me, I couldn't imagine anything worse. I'd much prefer to do it at home, with no one watching (excusing the cats) so I can sweat and pant in peace. I follow a Youtube channel called Blogilates and in between computer gaming with Neil in the evening, I'll do my workout. 

Here is Cassey's youtube:
She also has a calendar which you can follow. I follow it a little but it is REALLY intense. You can sign up to her calendar here: 


3. Learn new recipes
Me and Neil have been together for just coming up five years now. For the first four years, Neil did all of the cooking. I cooked twice in those four years - once an under cooked lasagne and the second time some kind of potato zoo, spaghetti hoops concoction. I'm not sure what happened last year but I really got into cooking and now I cook meals with veg in and everything. I've gotten to the stage now where I keep making the same meals over and over again so I'm on the lookout for something new to try. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

4. Log our mileage
I told you some were boring! 

5. Travel somewhere new
Everyone loves travelling. A couple of years ago me and Neil went to Venice and we photographed lighting over the Basilica and danced in the rain in the square - it was magic. I feel like we need to do more of that this year.


6. Blog more
We're really enjoying blogging and want to blog as much as we can this year. More weddings, more engagement shoots a bit more about us :)

7. Attend games club more
This one is a bit geeky. As already mentioned, me and Neil love playing games online. Last year we decided to take to gaming with real people, in person (shock!). We'd like to go more this year. We played some great games last year and if you haven't played already we'd highly recommend codenames! If you're interested in joining the board game club and live in Suffolk, you can join the facebook group here.

Eeek... there, I've written it down. I actually struggled to keep it to a minimum as I can go a bit crazy for goals, so I kept the simple ones and the ones I knew I'd be able to stick to. We'd love to hear what your new year's resolutions are! 


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