Petrol Head Romance

No two weddings are ever the same. It's true we see a lot of these events, it's our favourite thing - but each is unique to the couple, their family and friends, the venue, weather, a big heap of variables which give the day it's own feel. For Susie and David we were sure of one thing, that the beautiful Easton Grange would be a perfect location and that the wedding day would run smoothly, fast becoming a favourite venue for us at Him&Her.

On meeting Susie and David we felt they were kinda quiet and a little shy - and whilst they really are very modest and gentle folk at heart, their wedding echo's their life together - romantic petrol heads with a great sense of humour! David is a hard working practicalman who loves fast bikes and Susie is his business partner and similarly crazy about all things fast. Together they share their love for motor sport and for their menagerie of animals at home. 

We asked the couple to give their view of the day, but really wanted to share how impressed we were with the great personal efforts they'd made for each other including David's skill in producing amazing mechanical art for the tables, Susie's dedication in hand making a thousand paper cranes for good luck and for us, best of all - how the two came together for their first dance - it was genuinely spectacular and elegant. It was also quite an experience for Lisa trying to focus on the couple as we tried to keep ahead of their beautiful convertible in a post-ceremony spin! A cracking day, over to Susie to explain.

T h e  V i s i o n

'We wanted to incorporate our love for cars and motorbikes, but mainly we just wanted a relaxed, chilled out day.' 

H o w  d i d  y o u  b o t h  m e e t ?

' The internet! We are an official Plenty of Fish couple. Our common interest in cars and motorbikes lead to the beginning of our friendship that blossomed into love.' 

G r o o m ' s  A t t i r e

'My Groom knew exactly what he wanted and who he wanted to make it. Trotter & Dean of Bury St Edmunds listened to everything David wanted and made it perfectly. They even made his father’s suit' 

F i n d i n g  T h e  D r e s s

'I learnt a very important lesson when shopping for my wedding dress. Get the dress of your dreams, not the one of your mother’s dreams. That lesson cost me £1500. The dress my mother loved, has never left the bag it came in. She has always wanted me to look like a princess, and picked a beautiful princess gown. I am not a princess. This is the one time in your life that the Brides opinion is more important than anyone else’s.

The second dress I bought was from a local dress supplier who rushed my order to make sure it arrived in time. They listened to exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier on the day. The second dress was my dream dress and I felt every bit the Bride.'

T h e  P r o p o s a l

''It was Monday June 16th 2014. A beautiful summer evening David had taken me for a picnic under the stars. He turned to me with a glass of Champagne and produced the most beautiful diamond ring. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes!

That would have been beautiful but he actually came home from work and I was in the kitchen. He put a big box on the kitchen table and told me to open it. Inside, was the most beautiful diamond ring. David said…..”Well?” I asked him if it was an engagement ring, and luckily it was. He’s not the most romantic of men.' 

M e m o r a b l e  M o m e n t s

'We have so many great memories from our wedding day. I think once we had said our vows and left the ceremony room, we took a few moments to ourselves just to relax. That for me was the most special moment. Husband and wife, just taking a few moments together before greeting our guests.'

T h e  P l a n n i n g  P r o c e s s

'When viewing venues we decided to give ourselves 2 years to prepare. Once we had decided on Easton Grange, we began attending a few wedding fairs to get some ideas together. We both enjoy making things, so we began making our centre pieces and I made 1000 origami cranes and some origami flowers to decorate the venue. Our invitations were also designed by ourselves and printed by a local printer. We tried to find local family business for our cake, photography, invitations, hair, makeup, and entertainment.

Honestly, we did one thing at a time, made sure we trusted our suppliers, had the all-important check list to tick off as we went.' 

T h e  V e n u e

Easton Grange was exactly what we wanted. All inclusive, and exclusive. Their wedding planners were very helpful and organised and their caterers provide the most amazing food. We have no regrets choosing Easton Grange. They definitely didn’t disappoint. '

A d v i c e  F o r  O t h e r  C o u p l e s

' It’s your day, no one elses. Take some time out to be with each other and enjoy each others company. The day really does pass in a flash. Get suppliers that you trust. You don’t want to be worrying about the cake not showing up or your hair dresser being late. ' 

F a v o u r i t e  P h o t o

There are many quirky photos in our album that captured the day perfectly, but the biggest print we had made was the twilight picture, in black and white. Beautiful!!! Also, the pics of our first dance are just gorgeous! Neil and Lisa's timings were perfect! '

T h e  H o n e y m o o n

'We splurged on the wedding so our honeymoon was just a few days away in Cornwall. Very relaxed.' 

T h e  R e v i e w

S p e c i a l  C r e d i t  t o . . .

Easton Grange – Venue
The Flower Hut, Diss provided all the fresh flowers for the day.
Boutique of Dreams, Diss for my actual dress.
Trotter and Dean, Grooms suit.
Emily Roberts – Hair
Tracey Anne makeup Artist.
Sweet Temptations Cakes, Wattisfield

Him & Her Wedding Photography

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