A nice print vs the 3.5" floppy... Pictures are best in print.

Prints or digital pictures, here's our thoughts on the subject

It's OK, we're not going to bang on about digital photography ruining everything/being the end of the world/ work of the devil etc; we both shoot digital all the time and love it (though Lisa has a thing for medium format camera's and Polaroid too) What we do want to make clear though, is that a good picture is best enjoyed in a physical form, not on screen. We came across a cool video which puts the point across beautifully, made by Bryan Caporicci a US based photographer.

Remember the 3.5" floppy disk? ...  That's what we'll be saying about discs and USB in 10 years. Photography is best enjoyed in print.

You see? A storybook album or large print on your wall will get seen, and looked at, and loved for years to come; part of your daily lives to be enjoyed and become part of your families history. Arranging prints means at some time, somewhere in the future, you or your children can look at a physical picture and be reminded of just how great you looked, how madly young you seem and how much in love you were. We feel it's a different experience than a screen based image.

It's ok though, we've thought about all this pretty carefully and allow for an online digital gallery from which you can choose and pay for prints to be delivered direct to your (or guests) doors, a range of gorgeous storybooks and a USB archive of all your pictures. But we've also gone a step further...

A gift of prints to you both from Him and Her.

To be sure each of our couples is able to have beautiful prints supplied by Loxley Colour, arguably the worlds finest print supplier, we've included a voucher in every package so you can choose your favourites and order them through our online gallery to be delivered to your door. We've scaled the vouchers to supply 7"x6" glossy pictures between 5 and 25 in number, or you can add to the included value to order larger prints or canvas or framed products. We intentionally don't make this expensive, we genuinely want you to be able to afford the very best, as an indication, a 24"x16" glossy print is £17, we're sure that's excellent value.


PS... we do vouchers too!

If a family member wants to give you a gift, and you've already got an awesome toaster, suggest they give us a shout to arrange a voucher you can use to buy prints or any of our products!

Him & Her Wedding Photography

We’re Neil & Lisa and we LOVE weddings; the activity, the settings and the people who come together for a special day. As a couple we’re able to offer our own perspectives on the wedding, with a feel for the Bride and Grooms roles and to ensure that we’re always in the right place to catch the big moments (we don’t spoil your day by feeling ‘in the way’.)  For us, being a part of your special day, catching the emotions and happiness gives us both real satisfaction and we think this shines through in our images.

We hope you enjoy our site and can find the things you need to make a decision about your photographers for the wedding day. If there's something you don't see or do need to talk about please do get in contact either by telephone or by using our enquiry form (both) on the contact page. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.