Two good reasons to work with a professional wedding photographer...

So, why choose Suffolk wedding photographers Him&Her on your wedding day team for the big day?

Well, it's a good question and to answer it fully we'd really like for you to come visit us (or us come to you) Ideally, we'll have access to tea and plenty of time to show you what we do, how we do it - and to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

For right now though, we'd been reading a blog on Boho-Weddings about the subject, and it raised several important points, but didn't quite pick up on something we feel really strongly about - Image quality. The original article is here for those who fancy a read.

Wedding photography is all the same with digital cameras right?

A close up of a Brides eye taken from the original portrait shown left.

A close up of a Brides eye taken from the original portrait shown left.

Well, no, not really. In the pictures shown above, we've tried to show a couple of things, first is that although composition, creativity, sharp focus, good colour balance and all those important things do have an impact on the final picture - and require experience, a sprinkle of flair and good equipment to achieve; You'll also want a digital file you can expect to archive and view, but also print off to enjoy.

The picture above is around 1/50th the size of the original file supplied to our client. That means a full size print of a size you'd struggle to carry in a light wind. Big, we mean really big. Often our wide angle shots could cover the wall of your living room!

Isn't that all a bit technical and boring?

Maybe? But you'll have to forgive us, we're kinda into all this stuff! The point though is about having chosen the right equipment, having a thorough understanding of how and when to use it - and being able to get that done whilst rushing about backwards, knowing that our client has to be somewhere awfully important in 30 seconds time! We then need to ensure our editing is to a high standard because people really are able to examine it closely (especially if you are one of those who did decide to put the photo on your living room wall!) It's what we do and love to do, and the outcome is being able to sit looking through a wedding album filled with beautiful pictures and for each one to hold your attention as your eye wanders around the story unfolding.

Was that two reasons?

Him & Her Wedding Photography

We’re Neil & Lisa and we LOVE weddings; the activity, the settings and the people who come together for a special day. As a couple we’re able to offer our own perspectives on the wedding, with a feel for the Bride and Grooms roles and to ensure that we’re always in the right place to catch the big moments (we don’t spoil your day by feeling ‘in the way’.)  For us, being a part of your special day, catching the emotions and happiness gives us both real satisfaction and we think this shines through in our images.

We hope you enjoy our site and can find the things you need to make a decision about your photographers for the wedding day. If there's something you don't see or do need to talk about please do get in contact either by telephone or by using our enquiry form (both) on the contact page. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.