Strike a pose...

The Him & Her quick guide to posing!

We need to say first, before we begin - that we love and specialise in candid fun wedding photography - and we know that’s what our clients want from us too - but there’s a little window where it’s cool to make couples some portraits and it’d be a shame not to really with it being your special day and having bought lovely clothes…plus having two professional photographers stood with you! So with that in mind, if anyone needs some solid prompts, here we go!

Ok, so we know from our earliest discussions with clients, that the suggestion of posing sounds awkward and uncomfortable, it's not something you'd do everyday and so it doesn't feel like something you'd want in your wedding photographs right? Well, maybe not quite. You'll certainly want to look your best in your pictures and you'll want the portrait pictures to go smoothly and without taking up too much time in a busy day; our guide here will help you to make the best of your shots together and for us to be able to work with you as naturally as possible to get you the results you want!

We've put together five, easy to follow poses. These are our foundation poses and the majority of all poses we ask you to do will be based on these.  

Ladies first... A smile is always good news, remember you just got married and all your friends and family are together, it's a good day! Now, if you're not a natural in front of the camera, consider a few points from the picture below, it'll help you stand tall, make the best of your legs shape and show off your figure in a natural comfortable style, maybe you won't use all the points, but consider the ones that make you feel great!

An open pose, you might be touching shoulders or holding hands further away, but you're both looking at the camera and showing yourselves, it can look really traditional or really on trend so it's a good start point.

A Stacked pose, works great if there's a larger height difference with a couple, and in any case makes for something a little less ordinary but quite traditionally romantic feeling.

Now to the Gentlemen... Stand tall, you're now a proud Husband, you deserve it! Keep those shoulders relaxed and give yourself a comfortable solid pose, keeping your arms closer to the body will stop your suit looking awkward, and please don't forget to take your phone out of your pocket to avoid awkward bulges!

The V - Up is where your bodies form a V shape at the shoulder or maybe shoulder and hip. It looks more intimate and cosy than an open pose and allows you to look at one another whilst still showing your faces to camera.

A closed pose, like shutting the door on the V - Up bring you both in close and is great to show your profiles and maybe a cheeky kiss. Often causes a giggle or two, and those are great for your pictures too!

A Reversed pose can go either way, often we'll shoot both, so one with Brides face to camera, and a follow up with the Groom doing the same. It's a chance to show off that new ring, or to showcase you both in the beautiful setting you've chosen.

A final note on posing. Don't worry about it too much, we've made the guide to give you some ideas, but we'll never put you in a position we think makes you look bad or uncomfortable, you can trust us to make this process as much fun as we possibly can and our clients to date all report that it was a really nice part of their day - unusual but enjoyable and a welcome change of pace from the more nervous moments before and during the ceremony. By the time we finish your portraits, you'll feel relaxed and ready to join your guests and party!

Him & Her Wedding Photography

We’re Neil & Lisa and we LOVE weddings; the activity, the settings and the people who come together for a special day. As a couple we’re able to offer our own perspectives on the wedding, with a feel for the Bride and Grooms roles and to ensure that we’re always in the right place to catch the big moments (we don’t spoil your day by feeling ‘in the way’.)  For us, being a part of your special day, catching the emotions and happiness gives us both real satisfaction and we think this shines through in our images.

We hope you enjoy our site and can find the things you need to make a decision about your photographers for the wedding day. If there's something you don't see or do need to talk about please do get in contact either by telephone or by using our enquiry form (both) on the contact page. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.