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Why I love this wedding photograph.

So, if you'll forgive me (Neil here - hi folks!) I'm probably going to get a bit artsy and possibly emotional here. I gave it a bit of thought before writing our blog this week, discussed it with Lisa, and we decided it'd be nice to show a picture we'd taken, and to describe what makes it special for us. I get to go first as Lisa is wearing Panda slippers right now, and practicing guitar.

Ok, so, to explain, I'm going to get a bit artsy and emotional because (despite my 'large bald bloke with a craggy face' exterior) I kinda am like that, and it's being like that which gives me the urge to go out and catch great pictures, and to thoroughly enjoy doing that all through the year.

Sometimes it's tricky to know why a picture appeals as I take it, and other times it's impossible to explain how I'd guessed a picture was about to happen and was lucky enough to catch it. Practically speaking, knowing people and having experience of weddings helps a load. Luck does come into it, but so does anticipation and a bit of planning.  It's fashionable to call this reportage or candid or a 'moment' right now and a series of these 'moments' is what adds up to the story of your day as told by Him&Her.

Ok, so we're at the wedding of Chris and Vicky here, they've just left the ceremony and we were busily but gently arranging folks for the confetti throw (remember, throwing stuff at weddings is always a win) while Chris and Vicky wandered off into the middle distance to prepare and have a few minutes quiet to gather themselves. It's ok to admit now that I felt a bit under-pressure for the day as Chris is a well respected professional photographer in his own right, and having him select us over the thousands of other wedding 'togs available was a bit of an honour - I really didn't want to let him down!

Anyway, it's good not to get too carried away with organising things, get it done quickly and kindly, but we both remind ourselves to be on point and ready for things to happen even if we look like we're doing public relations! In truth, I saw Chris get a bit giddy and overexcited and whipped the camera up to my eye, focused and pushed the button at just the second everyone else noticed too - it's a gap in time of maybe half a second. What I caught was the giddy happy Groom, the bridesmaids amusement, and most special of all, Chris's new Mother-In-Law with an expression I find utterly priceless!***

We were asked to caption this picture for a blog entry a while back, and after a weekend of deciding each others offering was lame, we gave up and picked another picture to send; perhaps this is the point? When a picture offers more story and options to interpret it than a description can manage -it's a definite 'keeper'.

I love this picture, and bearing in mind just how many pictures I take in the course of a year, it's still standing up to the test of time, it makes me smile every time I see it, makes me proud, and keeps me hungry to catch more of these moments!

It's possible many folk will have given up before getting to this point in the text, anyone of you who know me personally will also know I can go on a bit, it's a gift and a curse! What I really wanted to say though, and maybe a prospective client couple are reading this is; get yourself a wedding photographer who's really into taking pictures and gets a real buzz from the process. It doesn't have to be Lisa and I, you might not like our style, but find someone with a style you enjoy and an enthusiasm that'll mean over the course of a long day they'll be eager and ready to catch your moments. Also that they'll make some kind of emotional investment in what they do - I'm avoiding the word 'passionate' as that gets overused by pretentious nerks on telly all the time - but if it seems like the quality and content of a photographers work really bloody matters to them personally, that's a great sign!

*** Just wanted to say, for clarity, no M.O.B or M-I-L type jokes implied here, the lady in question was an absolute darling and made us feel like part of the family all day, Chris is a lucky S-I-L!