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We first 'met' Alice and Andy via Skype, which we're still not entirely familiar with and have to take care that Lisa isn't still wearing her onesie and that I've remembered to feed that cats so they aren't constantly meowing in the background. Though Skype is less fun than meeting folks for real (the plus side, we all got to virtually meet each others cats), we had a great chat with Alice and Andy, and were really looking forward to meeting them both when they asked for an engagement shoot. We try, if it's possible to use a location that has some significance to the couple, and certainly somewhere that'll help us make lovely pictures. It turned out that Andy and his family had been holidaying on the North Norfolk cost forever, and that Alice was quickly becoming a convert to it too. A plan!

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So our intrepid couple drove all the way up from London to meet us at Wells-Next-The-Sea which a bit of a favourite of ours too. Though it was really still and mild for near-November, the sunshine was a little shy and so we planned to take in some scenery whilst catching the couple being, well, a couple!

It's fun to mix things up a little whilst we have a creative opportunity, so we tried some flash techniques and smoke bombs for fun, and certainly gave the local dog walkers and occasional squirrel something different to view on their Sunday afternoon.

What came out of the session was a series of lovely pictures, and best of all a feeling that we'd really enjoy covering Alice and Andy's wedding day - we say it a lot, but we really DO seem to attract the nicest couples, and it's so good for us to meet and understand them a little better before the big day. We also discovered that Alice and Andy look incredibly cute in pictures, so we're really looking forward to catching their wedding next year!

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