The Wedding Industry Awards - The Results :)

We would like to start this blog by saying a huge thank you to all of our clients who voted for us in The Wedding Industry Awards this year :) 

So, what are The Wedding Industry Awards? 
For anyone in the wedding industry, whether it be a venue, florist, Bridal boutique, entertainer... or a photographer, these awards are big news. Anyone can be nominated for an award, and then it's up to their clients from the current year to vote for them. During the voting process clients leave comments and also give vendors a rating on various aspects of the service. This generates an overall score and determines which suppliers are put through as regional finalists. From here, a selection of judges then decide on a regional winner, and then from the regional winners, a national winner. Its such an exciting (nail biting) process and hugely inspiring to see so many other talented vendors.  

We were so so happy and joyous this year when all of clients voted for us (ALL OF YOU!), and we become regional finalists for the second year in a row. When the comments were released just last night, we couldn't help but smile and get a bit choked up. We wanted to take this moment to publish some of the comments publicly :) It really touched our hearts and reminded us of why we do what we do. 

Here are a few snippets of some of the nice things our couples said :)


General Comments

"They knew exactly how and when to get the best shots out of us and our guests."

"We are impressed especially with their artistic flair in shooting some portraits that turned out looking really unique and different! "

"They were extremely helpful and efficient with everything we needed pre and post wedding.

Taking the formals (which we were both nervous about) with their guidance went so easy we were laughing and joking..."

"They were the only vendors that truly put us first and wanted us to be happy more than anything."

"I have had family members who were self-conscious having their picture taken say how much they love Neil and Lisa"

 "They shared our vision and produced world class photos."

"On they day they did a wonderful job of making everyone feel at ease and calming any frazzled nerves"

"The photos were absolutely beautiful and came through within a week"

"They made us feel calm and relaxed and we couldn't have asked for better photographers"

"they produce stunning photos and provide a professional service from first contact to delivery of photos"

"They captured our special day beyond expectation"

"Neil and Lisa made me feel so at ease and I never felt self-conscious at all." 

"Neil and Lisa had captured both the detail and the main events of the day so well."

"They were incredibly discreet when need be, whilst also being able to be directive in an effective but friendly way when appropriate."

"They are talented, charismatic and go above and beyond (Lisa even fetched me my converse when my heels got a bit much!)" 

as someone who is aware of cameras, I felt they were discreet and they captured the feel of the day perfectly."

"They had a range of tricks up their sleeve to put people at ease and were a delight to share the day with." 

"Neil was great at managing a crowd in a direct, friendly and appropriate way" 

"Neil and Lisa are something special. There's nothing really more I can say." 

"They work amazingly well as a team and the photos they produce are beautiful, I've been totally blown away by them." 

"Six months on our friends and family still comment on not only our photos but on Neil and Lisa by name, they made a big impact!" 

"They kept regular contact even when I didn't and made sure they had as much information about what we wanted from our wedding photography as possible." 

"Both used their amazingly artistic eye and desire to capture something really special to locate a perfect spot and create life-long memories for us"

"The shots were exceptional and lit beautifully" 


Why They Booked

"I studied their online portfolio and was intrigued by their work which reflected a uniquely creative and artistic style that set them apart." 

"After having an engagement shoot with them the choice was clear"

"there work was different a bit edgy and not the boring bog standard " 

"Great people and very friendly and approachable." 

"It was pretty clear to us they were the perfect photographers for us. They really listened to our ideas (and anxieties!)" 

What really struck me about their portfolio was their eye for detail and the small moments they captured - their photos were elegant and unusual." 

"More than anything they got "us"" 

"We sensed from the first meeting they were going to be great fun to work with and completely understood what we wanted." 

"They were fun, smart and really knew their stuff. I immediately trusted that they would do a great job photographing our wedding." 

"They were both so inviting, polite and friendly. " 

"It is always reassuring when people know what they're doing, and Lisa and Neil were able to give me all the information I needed." 

" Both seemed so confident and knowledgeable which gave ME confidence in them" 

"Following my meeting with them, I did not feel the need to look any further for a wedding photographer, I returned home and booked them as soon as I could" 

"As a creative person I found it scary choosing a photographer to capture our big day, until we met with Neil and Lisa." 

One chat and a cup of tea and both our hearts were set on allowing them to do what they do and capture our day!" 

"they knew exactly what we wanted and were always at the end of an email" 

"made us feel comfortable and we made the right choice as they fitted into our wedding as though they were guests not just photographers" 

"They had a beautiful portfolio, they had a very professional attitude and they made a particular point of listening to what we were hoping for from our photos." 

"The composition of their photos from their website showed that they had a wonderful eye" 

"The pictures of previous couples were artful, but never forced"

"The couples always looked at ease. I loved how quirky some of the pictures were and still remained elegant." 

"We felt Neil and Lisa were warm and professional and genuinely cared about capturing our day in the best way possible." 

"They were excellent value for money and knew we would get on well with them, that there would be good and open communication and that the quality of their work was of a high standard" 

"they understood our vision of what we wanted from our big day" 

"My husband is a photographer who has shot weddings so we were looking for a specific and similar approach to our style" 

I could see that they had excellent reviews"

"very friendly and helpful and keen to meet us to see if they were the right people for the job and we could tell they were" 

"Loved their photos online. So beautiful. Made me smile even though I didn't know the people in the pictures." 


Scores (Out of 10)

Ability of your photographer to understand, interpret and realise your vision and ideas. 

Quality of expertise, advice and guidance received from your photographer

Quality of customer service and communication received from your photographer

Your photographer's personal presentation and their ability to understand fit into your wedding

Quality of your photographer's web presence (web site, facebook,etc) 

Coverage, delivery and quality of finished photographs etc (including online and 'real'albums etc) 

Value for money

This is absolutely the feedback we work so hard for and most importantly it shows all the couples whose wedding we shot this year were genuinely pleased with the outcome. in all aspects. We hope if you're reading this and maybe planning your wedding day, you'll give us a shout. 

You can read the original PDF copy here. 

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