Why I love this wedding photograph

Of all the pictures I've taken at weddings, the posed ones, the sparkly ones, the ones with the glamorous dresses, this is up there as one of my favourites. The Bride (Kirsty) is in her pajamas, the Mum her dressing gown, but regardless, it's moments like these that keep me on my toes all day. 

On the morning, Kirsty had pre-warned me that on the Bouquet will be a pendant with a photograph of her Nan. The flowers had not yet arrived and Kirsty's mum was not aware of the photo. Kirsty had looked at me in all seriousness and said... "She will cry". I smiled and nodded and my face resembled Jonny English accepting his mission. From that moment on, every time there was a knock at the door I was like a meerkat with a camera. Purposely walking away from the door and also, refusing to open it. I can only apologise after the event if that looked rude, making the Bridesmaids walk over part way through their mascara. Eventually, the florist came through and all the girls came bustling over. I stood in a center point of the room, preparing myself to jump in any given direction like a goalie waiting for a penalty. The florist made her way to the four poster bed that sits in the Bridal suite of Hengrave Hall. I panicked. The four poster bed is massive and only has a one person gap down the sides. If the squad of ten girls made their way to either side before me, I was stuck with their backs facing me. I elegantly rushed over to the left side of the bed and stood there proud. They shortly walked over to the right side. I looked at the space between them, the wall and the bed, there was none. I looked at my feet, I looked at the royally dressed untouched four poster bed. I looked at my feet. I looked at the bed. I looked at Kirsty and her Mum approaching the flowers. I looked at my feet. I looked at the bed. I then did a ninja roll across the bed making it to the other side. It wasn't a forwards roll, more of a sausage roll. I crouched beside the bed and looked around the room - no one noticed. Don't tell anyone. I then clicked away as Kirsty and her Mum shared one of the most beautiful moments I have photographed. All comedy aside (hopefully you did find the above funny), it really was special. I clicked as they hugged, I clicked as they cried. I looked at the back of the camera, and then I cried. Sometimes it isn't about cakes, button holes, or pretty dresses (okay, it's a little bit about the dress). It's about the couple, family and the love they all bring to the day. If we can capture that feeling you felt in that moment and present it to you in a series of photographs to remind you, that to me is a day well spent.

Lisa x

Him & Her Wedding Photography

We’re Neil & Lisa and we LOVE weddings; the activity, the settings and the people who come together for a special day. As a couple we’re able to offer our own perspectives on the wedding, with a feel for the Bride and Grooms roles and to ensure that we’re always in the right place to catch the big moments (we don’t spoil your day by feeling ‘in the way’.)  For us, being a part of your special day, catching the emotions and happiness gives us both real satisfaction and we think this shines through in our images.

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