Hello, We're Lisa And Neil, Husband And Wife Team.
You Can Find Us In The Heart Of Suffolk, With Our Four Cats, Mousey, Mao, Bat and Joey.

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I'm Lisa, 
The 'Her' In Him & Her Wedding Photography

I'm a shy, happy, romantic nut (I have a secret cry at nearly every wedding ceremony). I enjoy taking candid photos (guests call me the photo ninja!) and I have a knack for making couples laugh during their portrait sessions. I adore being able to do something I love and feel honoured to be a part of your big day.  

I'm Neil
The 'Him' In Him & Her Wedding Photography

I'm not shy but I am happy and romantic (I'm the one that laughs encouragingly at the jokes during speeches). I love working with Lisa and we're lucky we always book the very nicest clients. I want to give you a picture you'll never forget and I'll happily hang backwards off a golf buggy or lay in the mud to achieve it. 


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