Hello, we're Lisa and Neil. 

We're a Husband and Wife team who live in the heart of Suffolk with our three cats, Mousey, Bat and Jim Spond.

We met in 2013 when Lisa saw Neil's photo's online, we fell in love with each other's photography and have been affectionately arguing about what to have for dinner ever since. Shortly after moving in together (6 months after meeting, when you know, you know, right?) we got our first cats and photographed our first wedding as a duo -the beginning of 'Him & Her'. We've documented other people's adventures and had a few of our own, including photographing lightning in Venice (before dancing in a rainy St Marks square), our proposal in Scotland and of course, getting married! We've had the best job ever for the last five years, working together and photographing other couples like us. 

When we're not having fun at weddings, you'll find us playing board games (Catan anyone?), going to the seaside, watching Planet Earth (we do great Lion impressions, just ask when you meet us), eating cake and drinking Tea (not all at once, obviously). If you think Catherine Ryan is hilarious, we'll get on just fine.


I'm Neil
(The 'Him')

I'm the one that'll stand on wobbly ladders, hang off speeding golf carts one handed and lay in the middle of crowded dance floors to get you fun photography that'll make your heart and eyes smile. I love working with Lisa and we're lucky we always book the very nicest clients. I want to give you a picture you'll never forget.

I'd like to travel more, own a wood burning stove and build acoustic guitars.

I'm Lisa
(The 'Her')

I'm a shy, happy, romantic nut. I'm the one that gets gushy over details and cries during your wedding ceremony. I super love taking candid photos (guests sometimes call me a 'Ninja') so if you see me hiding behind a bush, don't worry.

I'm one of those lucky people who knew early on what I wanted to do. I picked up a camera at the age of fifteen (wow, it's nearly been ten years!), completely fell in love and went on to study photography at college. I've always been a hopeless romantic (my first crush was Thomas O'Malley cat at the age of five) and after I met Neil, everything fell into place.